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Panter Inc. has created a Patented Premium Luggage Concept that will Revolutionize the Travel Industry.

We are seeking to Sell or License Any or All of the Intellectual Property of the Luggage Concept for exclusive development and use to a large quality Manufacturer and/or Retailer in the Luggage or Travel Industry.

Additionally, we will Entertain Investors and/or Partnerships for the Manufacture and Sale of the Entire Luggage Concept.

If you would like to send us a Comment please complete the form using one of the four Subject Categories below:

1. Shopper – You are an interested Shopper and would like to provide us with your feedback.
2. Sale/Licensing – You are a Manufacturer and/or Retailer in the Luggage and/or Travel Industry interested in pursuing the Sale/Licensing of some or all of the Luggage Concepts’ Intellectual Property.
3. Partnership – You are a Professional, preferably with experience in the Luggage and/or Travel Industry, seeking an Entrepreneurial Business Opportunity.
4. Investment – You are a Qualified Investor seeking an Investment Opportunity.