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Premium Luggage Concept – We initiated the design of our Premium Luggage Concept in 2009, with emphasis on providing More Interior Space, Improved Durability and True Omni-Directional mobility.

Airstream Inspired Design – Using an Airstream Inspired Design for the exterior with tightly Curved Edges and Conformal Surfaces for all parts, the Luggage concept can breeze through public spaces without a snag.

Optional Equipment – Knowing today’s consumer loves choices, we designed the Luggage concept with Optional (most are Plug and Play) Equipment: Remotely Actuated (hand or foot) operated Independent Brakes; Independent Suspension; Tracker Wheel for enhanced straight line motion; Smart Battery; LED Lighting; RF and RFID technology for Remote Operation and Identification; Removable Hardsided Laptop Storage Case; and more.

Push Button Access Panels – The business traveler will appreciate the simple Push Button operated Access Panels to the (laptop, accessories, keys, etc.) Storage Areas, allowing for quick and easy travel through security.

Perimeter Telescoping Handle – The use of a Perimeter Telescoping Handle allows for a Flat Interior with up to 10% More Interior Volume, making packing simple and easy. And for laptop cases with narrow passthrough sleeves the Optional (narrow) pullup Wire Handle is available.

True Omni-Directional Mobility – Ball Wheels located at the bottom corners of the Luggage allow it to be motivated omni-directionally while in the Vertical Mode …. while tracking in a straight line in the Trailed or Horizontal Modes (yes …. the Ball Wheels work in the Vertical, the Horizontal or anywhere in-between). Using Micro-Caster technology inside, the Ball Wheels provide what we call True Omni-Directional mobility, allowing for seamless, immediate direction changes without the caster lag.

Improved Stability & Durability – Since the Ball Wheels are fixed in their (bottom, corner) positions, they provide both a Dynamically and Statically Stable experience because they never change position relative to the Luggage (i.e. No Castering!). And because the Ball Wheels are Conformally Mounted (recessed) in the Luggage, hazards or impacts simply roll off the Ball or skip off the rounded exterior of the Ball Wheel resulting in Greater Durability. Additionally, the Ball Wheels allow the Luggage to hug the floor further Enhancing the Stability with a Lower Center of Gravity.

More Interior Luggage Space – Our Luggage has been designed to Maximize the Interior Luggage Space by pushing the Luggage to its’ (exterior) limits. That means we have repositioned all luggage parts toward the extremities of the Luggage, leaving as much of the 9” x 14” x 22” volume as possible for Interior Space. We started by pressing the exterior of the Luggage to the Inside of the (9x14x22) Box, resulting in very short radius corners/edges and flush/recessed parts. Then, using Ball Wheel technology, we expanded the bottom of the Luggage toward the floor to capture previously unused space, adding another 10% More Interior Luggage Space. Then we removed the telescoping handle from the Interior and placed it in the previously unused exterior corner space, achieving yet another 10% increase in Interior Luggage Space. The net result is over 20% More Interior Luggage Space, allowing us to meet or exceed the interior volume of current castered luggage while still providing rear storage compartments for laptops, accessories, keys, wallets, etc.

Stack the Family of Luggage – With the Optional Ball Transfer Units on the top/rear of the Luggage operating in conjunction with the rear Ball Wheels …. and with the Optional Retractable Luggage Strap Handle, customers can Stack the Family of Luggage on top by placing the wheels in the dimples …. Thus Motivating Several Pieces of Luggage at once easily with One Hand.

Innovative yet Simple Designs – By using Innovative yet Simple Designs that are Easy to Manufacture we created a Luggage concept that is More Efficient, More Mobile, More Flexible, Easier and more Fun to Use.

Luggage Back
Luggage Bottom
Luggage Front
Luggage Left
Luggage Perspective
Luggage Perspective
Luggage Perspective
Luggage Perspective
Luggage Right
Luggage Top
Luggage Floor Front